Forecasted Conditions for: sunday february 25

New Snow (24hrs): 0 cm

New Snow (week): 0 cm

Lift and Run Report:

Runs Open: 20

Lifts Open: groomed granular

Vanier Express 9h00-16h00
Cheval Blanc Express 9h00-15h30
Poma 9h30-15h30
Finkelstein Express 9h30-15h30
Navette/Shuttle 8h45-16h00
Fusion - accès cheval blanc access ouvert-open

Vanier: groomed granular

Yodel OPEN
Bellevue Haut OPEN
Bellevue Bas OPEN
Caroll-Ann OPEN
Sérénade Haut OPEN
Sérénade Bas OPEN
Caroline Calvé OPEN
Exhibition OPEN
Tornade Haut OPEN
Tornade Bas OPEN
Rue Radar Vanier OPEN
Liberation OPEN

Cheval Blanc: groomed granular

Frank Pouliotte OPEN
Carrousel Haut OPEN
Carrousel Bas OPEN
Formidable OPEN
Betsy OPEN
Outaouais Haut OPEN
Dustin Cook (outaouais) OPEN

Promenade: groomed granular

Promenade OPEN

Park: 1



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